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Since DuPont's initial discovery in 1955, Tyvek labels have become an industry standard, providing new dimensions of protection, security and safety for a wide variety of industries.

Insignia Labels specialise in providing the highest quality, cost effective Tyvek labels in small to medium sized runs. Our full colour Tyvek labels can include any amount of variable data that you require and can be personalised to suit your application needs and branding requirements.

Tyvek is manufactured from 100% high density polyethylene in a unique flash-spinning process and provides a rugged sheet structure that outperforms most labelling materials even under the toughest environmental conditions on the planet. With its exceptional tear resistance and suitability for heavy duty outdoor uses, it complies with the BS5609 regulations and has an operating temperature of -10 deg C to + 80 deg C. Tyvek labels have many applications and are ideal for use in hazardous environments where the label must be resistant to water-based acids, alkalis, salts or splashes of liquids such as pesticides and herbicides. They are also used in general, non-hazardous, industrial applications or in medical applications where Tyvek is used in virtually every form of sterile medical packaging, as it delivers an optimum balance of bacteria penetration resistance, tear strength, puncture resistance and clean peel, as well as being compatible with existing and emerging sterilization methods.

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