Tapered Labels

Insignia Labels are a leading supplier of tapered labels for soup, sports meals, health foods or other products sold in tapered containers and specialise in providing high quality, cost effective labels in small to medium sized runs, avoiding the high origination and print limitations associated with traditional methods of flexo, hot foil or screen printing.

If your label is being applied to a tapered container, this can cause problems with the material wrinkling or the image not appearing square, so in order to eliminate both of these issues, we can supply the labels pre-tapered, suitable for either machine or hand application.

If you have a label design that is currently square, but you need to taper the image, we have the software to do this for you. You can either send us a sample of the container or a full specification of the size and our experts can convert your artwork as required.

Each label can be customised to include any logo or image, any text, variable data or other information.

Please contact us for free tapered label samples, further information or a free quotation.

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