Price gun Labels

price gun labels

We are a leading supplier of a range of bespoke and stock, plain or printed labels for all models of price guns. It is widely recognised that retailers can increase the sale of selected items by using on-product price labels to promote special offers or reduced prices. It is probably the most cost-effective form of advertising, as customers are able to respond directly and immediately to the promotional offer displayed on the price label.

Smaller retailers can convey to the customer a feeling that their store is professional and substantial and gain a commercial and marketing advantage and by displaying their name on the price label they can add significantly to the image of the store.

Numerous market research investigations have proven that eye-catching price labels increase the five to ten seconds which customers spend on average looking at products on display. Retailers should not underestimate the impact that a price label can have; unmarked products are more likely to remain on the shelves and the marketing advantage of having the business name on thousands of products is substantial.

Insignia Labels specialise in providing the highest quality, cost effective labels of any size, shape or colour. Our price gun labels can include for example; any text, image, logo, or bar-code and can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

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