Blank Magnetic labels

Our range of blank magnetic labels are produced using a special magnetic base material that is popular with professional storage companies, retail stores, small businesses, garages and repair centres and are even used in the domestic environment.

In warehouse and distribution environments these blank magnetic labels are ideal for making temporary notes that need to be displayed on rack and shelf beams. A dry wipe coating makes them ideal for multi use.

The unique material used to create magnetic labels is flexible and can be applied to any ferrous metal, however the labels will not fix to no-ferrous metals.

We specialise in providing high quality, cost effective blank magnetic labels in small to large sized runs. Our blank magnetic labels are a highly visible and cost effective way to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse or freezer and can be personalised to suit your individual requirements.

These blank magnetic labels are durable and designed for the challenging industrial environments of a warehouse or freezer store and as they are supplied with a dry wipe coating they are popular with people who frequently change and identify locations using a particular product name or serial number.

These blank labels are available from stock in the following sizes:

• 0.6mm x 25mm x 80mm
• 0.5mm x 40mm x 100mm
• 0.6mm x 80mm x 150mm

Please contact us for free blank magnetic label samples, further information or a free quotation.

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