UV Stable Toners

Our digitally printed self adhesive labels are produced using revolutionary new colourfast dry toner which is attracted to the print surface in a calibrated and controlled process then heat fused to the web, avoiding the use of expensive printing plates, or solvent based inks.

The micro-fine dry toner based inks that we use to digitally print labels have been formulated for substrate flexibility and robustness and the abrasion and UV resistance is amongst the highest in the print industry and coupled with the incredible 2400 dpi print resolution of our presses allows us to produce photographic quality images and fine crisp text to a high standard of colourfastness.

Measuring the degree of colourfastness is a subjective process and entirely dependent upon the environment in which the printed label is exposed to certain wavelengths of light. Labels may be exposed to different environments during their life-cycle, going for example from a production facility to a warehouse and then to a retailer and on to a consumers home. Many of the labels we supply are used in outdoor applications and subjected to weather variations and even the difference between the label facing the sun or away from the sun will significantly influence its exposure and hence any colour degradation.

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