Anti-Counterfeit Protection

In a recent survey of the counterfeit goods industry it was reported that the total loss faced by countries around the world was $600 Billion, and sales losses attributable to product counterfeiting amounted to $400 Billion– representing not only an immense financial damage borne by brand owners, but also a threat to brand image and trust. And the jeopardy extends to the consumer as well, who – often unknowingly – purchases inferior or even health threatening counterfeits.

The counterfeiting of branded goods, medicines, electrical, automotive and audio parts is becoming more and more prolific. Different industries require different solutions, and Insignia Labels range of anti-counterfeit solutions are developed around 4 main principles;

1. High Security: they must be as difficult as possible to forge or simulate.

2. Easy visual judgement: in most cases, you should be able to verify the product without the need for special equipment.

3. Verification with a simple tool: as a next level, a covert element should be included.

4. Re-labelling or repacking prevention: it should be possible to detect when a anti-counterfeit solution has been tampered with.

Insignia Labels thwarts counterfeiters where it is most effective: directly on the original product. Counterfeit protection labels from Insignia Labels can make each single product an original, disclosing unequivocal information about itself – product identity as secure as a fingerprint or DNA sample.

Insignia Labels solutions tend to be customised to suit the needs of the customer and the item onto which they are to be applied, but here are a few examples of the protection technologies available to give you an idea of what we can offer.

Labels which are printed digitally encompassing variable data, random or sequential codes have a major role to play in brand protection and product authentication. The security data can be digitally printed as part of the primary print process so each label is unique if necessary and labelled products can be tracked and traced to batch, date, version etc and in the process protecting against counterfeit and potentially false warranty claims.

By digitally printing labels we can apply individual label identity in codes that can be configured for a product or brand. By utilising simple discrete codes that break into segments its easy to identify a product by its country of origin, date of manufacture, batch or lot number, production line, type etc.

Insignia Labels can utilise various printing techniques and materials which provide varying levels of anti-counterfeiting protection.

Holographic technology can used to offer our customers a holographic label with superior quality in terms of both appearance and security. As the security code is part of the primary label print process it is printed below the varnish or lamination and not overprinted protecting it during transit and by normal handling. Covert elements can be added to these labels, such as latent images which are only visible with a special detector, or if required, the security codes could be printed in UV white on a white zone in a label or they can remain visible.

All of these security labels can be made to adhere to a huge range of substrates, and we can of course make these labels tamper evident in order to prevent re-use.

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