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Many Companies advertise their products or services at the lowest base cost and aim to raise the sales price through a series of mechanisms designed to charge for "extra's" or additional service charges. This approach rarely generates good business relationships and leads people to realise that the true cost of a product or service isn't just its price but the total costs and benefits associated with that product or service. How many times have we bought something purely based on its price only to be quickly disappointed about our choice?

And this is most certainly true with labels. The real cost of a label is only partly a factor of its cost but also includes your time spent on the project, the stress associated with getting the design right, the quality of the end product, delivery worries and perhaps most importantly the message that label will convey to the world at large about your product and your organisation.

When you work with Insignia Labels, we offer a labelling consultancy service to offer you peace of mind that your project is in safe hands and we aim to provide a service that will:

• improve the design and effectiveness of your labels

• ensure your labels are cost effective

• minimise the working capital tied up in stocks of labels

• provide you with lead times to achieve your objectives and project requirements

• provide the reassurance that your labels will meet your quality expectations.

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